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Phantom Limb Syndrome Treatment in Addison & Tyler, Texas

Once a limb is amputated, patients may continue to feel disabling pain signals at the site of the lost limb. Although it is called phantom limb pain, and it most commonly affects those who have had amputated arms or legs, it can also affect women who have had a breast surgically removed, too. Symptoms may include cramping, burning, or aching in the residual limb. The exact mechanism causing phantom limb pain is poorly understood, but it appears to be related to how the nerve signals are processed in the brain, which can lead a person to feel as though their amputated limb is still there. It’s important to realize you are not “crazy” and that phantom limb pain is not just your imagination – it is an actual condition with a physical cause.

How We Can Help

Our skilled medical professionals will ask you what you are experiencing and how it has taken a physical toll on your life. We will work with you until we can create a short- and long-term pain management plan and educate you on how to make the most out of your treatment plan. Don’t let phantom limb pain rob you of your joy of life – let us work with you to help control the pain and help you get back to living a better life. We also offer electric cell signaling treatment (ECST) that gives gentle put powerful electronic signal energy waves coming from an ultra-high digital frequency generator. Through these energy waves, the phantom limb pain source is treated noninvasively and with drug-free therapy.

Are you looking for phantom limb syndrome treatment in Addison or Tyler, TX? Contact us at Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas for an appointment by dialing (972) 441-5634 for Addison, or (903) 326-2507 for Tyler.

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  • “Love this place! Felt a difference after second visit. Just had treatment number 8 today and feel great. Pain has gone to mild discomfort! I am amazed with results to date!”

    - JD O.
  • “Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Their staff is knowledgeable and professional. They will offer tidbits of other information that could help with additional issues like swelling and pain from other causes.”

    - Wanda L.
  • “Today I walk effortlessly, have no balance issues in the shower or anywhere, and the pain in my feet has been reduced by over 80%. All of this without drugs which is the greatest benefit. Thank you for helping me regain my mobility. And confidence.”

    - Ronald J.

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