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Our Neuropathy Pain Treatments in Addison

You Don’t Have to Accept Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Anymore

Conventional medicine, by and large, glosses over neuropathy treatment and relies on therapies that only mask pain rather than treating it at the source to heal it. For example, while potent opioid painkillers may provide substantial relief in the short term, they are not advisable for long-term treatment, as they are highly addictive. Even when taken as prescribed, these painkillers have been known for their damaging effects on the body.

Before treatment begins, our medical professionals will diagnose the cause of your peripheral neuropathy and prescribe a customized treatment plan to address your medical condition. Under the guidance of a trained medical professional, you will receive treatment designed to address your acute or chronic pain, even if you have drug-resistant pain.

What Is Electric Cell Signaling Treatment (ECST)?

ECST treats neuropathy at the source. Instead of relying on medication, our teams at Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas utilize the electrical cell signaling treatment (ECST). This state-of-the-art, FDA-approved, physics-based medicine is not drug therapy. Rather, this therapy uses electronic signal energy waves coming from an ultra-high digital frequency generator to comfortably, noninvasively deliver pulsed energy waves directly to the treatment area. It is intended to be an adjunctive treatment for numerous pain types, and it can maintain or increase range of motion.

Doctors are taking note of ECST because this treatment modality is noninvasive and has minimal side effects. Patients usually describe their ECST treatments as giving a slight tingling or vibrating sensation but overall find it pleasurable. Most patients notice changes in their pain levels after about 6 to 8 treatments, if not sooner. You will need multiple treatments for optimal results.

When you need noninvasive, safe, drug-free pain management, you can rely on Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas to provide it. Contact us to learn more about our neuropathy pain treatments by calling (972) 441-5634 for Addison, and (903) 326-2507 for Tyler.

Our Reviews

Opinions That Matter The Most 

    Love this place! Felt a difference after second visit. Just had treatment number 8 today and feel great. Pain has gone to mild discomfort! I am amazed with results to date!

    - JD O.

    Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Their staff is knowledgeable and professional. They will offer tidbits of other information that could help with additional issues like swelling and pain from other causes.

    - Wanda L.

    Today I walk effortlessly, have no balance issues in the shower or anywhere, and the pain in my feet has been reduced by over 80%. All of this without drugs which is the greatest benefit. Thank you for helping me regain my mobility. And confidence.

    - Ronald J.

    I went in not able to feel my toes and a burning when I had shoes on and now I can feel, move and wiggle my toes and it does not hurt me to wear shoes any longer!

    - Dale H.

    I started feeling a difference in my 2nd or 3rd appointment and I am excited about getting an improvement in what I used to think was something that could not be helped. All the staff has been a great help as they work as such a good team. Thank you for a

    - Michael Y.

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