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Neuropathic Pain Management in Addison & Tyler, Texas

While treatment for neuropathy pain depends on the underlying cause, in most cases it cannot be cured. However, that doesn’t mean our medical professionals at Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas cannot improve your symptoms and alleviate the effects of acute or chronic pain. All types of peripheral neuropathy are treatable, and our team can help diminish your pain while increasing your strength and flexibility.

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While conventional medicine utilizes anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroid injections, these are only short-term solutions that can cause more harm than good in the long run. Alternative therapies that complement medical treatment can help improve your quality of life and decrease tingling, burning, stabbing pain, and numbness symptoms. Some patients find relief through topical medications or antidepressants, which can improve chronic pain and sleep quality.

Why the Cause of Your Neuropathy Dictates Treatment

Any underlying cause of your peripheral neuropathy must be addressed, as well. For instance, if you have diabetes, then managing your blood sugar is the first line of treatment. If you are taking chemotherapy for cancer and develop chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy, you should ask your doctor if you can lower the dose of your medicine or stop treatment until you regain sensation. Patients may also have what is called “idiopathic neuropathy,” which means there is no known cause. Many of our patients find relief through electric cell signaling treatment (ECST), which sends gentle energy waves to the treatment area to improve pain symptoms at the source. This non-drug therapy is effective and safe and involves no drugs.

Do You Have Peripheral Neuropathy? Learn More About Neuropathic Pain Management in Addison & Tyler

You don’t have to just “live with” pain and numbness from neuropathy – our team can help. We provide neuropathic pain management in Addison and Tyler, Texas, for a variety of patients with symptoms just like yours. Through a customized treatment program led by our physician, you will experience significant relief from pain and numbness.

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  • “Love this place! Felt a difference after second visit. Just had treatment number 8 today and feel great. Pain has gone to mild discomfort! I am amazed with results to date!”

    - JD O.
  • “Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. Their staff is knowledgeable and professional. They will offer tidbits of other information that could help with additional issues like swelling and pain from other causes.”

    - Wanda L.
  • “Today I walk effortlessly, have no balance issues in the shower or anywhere, and the pain in my feet has been reduced by over 80%. All of this without drugs which is the greatest benefit. Thank you for helping me regain my mobility. And confidence.”

    - Ronald J.

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