Low-Impact Workouts and Stretches That Can Help You Move Through the Pain

March is Athletic Trainers Month, and what better way to celebrate than by taking care of ourbodies? Low-impact workouts and stretches can be incredibly beneficial for people of all ages looking to ease pain, increase mobility, and strengthen their bodies. From seniors with joint pain finding new ways to move to athletes recovering from an injury, countless positive benefits are associated with low-impact routines. In this blog, we’ll discuss ways you can learn to move through the pain!

Low-Impact Workouts

Working out with a trainer is one of the best ways to manage chronic pain, and low-impact workouts are popular. By doing exercises such as walking, gentle cycling, swimming, or performing yoga and Pilates moves modified to fit your personal needs, you can benefit from strengthening the muscles around the joints while avoiding too much strain on those areas.

These activities can also be done from home or outdoors if preferred. Working 1-on-1 with a trainer helps by creating a personalized program that suits your abilities and regulating your progress over time which helps develop endurance. Low-impact exercises also improve cardiovascular health and strength training – completing full body complexes can help mobilize muscles and prepare them for further improvement.

Stretches To Help For Pain

Stretching during the day is the perfect way to get a quick break of relief that can give your mind and body some respite. Examples of stretches are taking deep breaths while raising your arms above your head, gently arching your back while standing upright, and lightly moving in circles while resting your hands on top of each other. With this simple, steps-by-step approach to stretching, you can make sure that when chronic pain tries to catch you off guard, you can fight back with the strategies you have equipped yourself with.

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