Top Causes of Neuropathy in Men

What Is Neuropathy?

When your doctor mentions neuropathy to you or a loved one, your mind may wander, “what does this mean?” Peripheral neuropathy is not a singular disorder but a general term covering a spectrum of conditions resulting from nerve damage. There are different types of neuropathy:

  • Motor neuropathy is damage to the nerves within the muscles that control your body movement.
  • Autonomic neuropathy damages nerves that control automatic functions such as heartbeat and breathing.
  • Sensory neuropathy causes damage to the nerves that control what you feel, such as pain, touch, or temperature.
  • Combination neuropathies are a blend of nerve damage that combines several types of neuropathies.

Common Causes of Neuropathy In Men

There are many neuropathy causes, and it varies from person to person. Many do not know that the causes of neuropathy can be different for each gender. During International Men’s Month, we are using our platform to shed light on the top causes of neuropathy in men.


Males are almost twice as likely to develop type 2 diabetes than females. This, in turn, raises men’s risk of developing neuropathy.

Diabetes can damage the nerves and cause sensory problems due to long-term, high blood sugar levels. When blood sugar is uncontrolled, nerve damage can interfere with nerves’ ability to send signals.

Once diabetic neuropathy sets in, those with diabetes are more likely not to be able to feel cuts and scrapes on their feet and toes.

Exposure to Toxins

Industrial chemicals or certain drugs may cause nerve damage and result in symptoms such as numbness, tingling, or pins and needles. Some toxins that can cause neuropathy include:


Amyloidosis occurs when abnormal protein fibers accumulate inside organs and tissues. When the body has more protein deposits than what is needed, organ and tissue damage can happen and begin the process of neuropathy.

An important thing to note is that more than 70% of those with amyloidosis are men, according to John Hopkins Medicine. Chronic conditions and inflammatory conditions may also increase the risk of amyloidosis.

Vitamin Deficiencies

Men have a higher chance of experiencing vitamin deficiencies, specifically vitamin D and B12. Both vitamins play a role in keeping our nerve endings working adequately, and when not enough is present in the body, nerve damage can occur.

To supplement what you may be lacking, you can take vitamin supplements. Though this will not cure existing nerve damage, supplements can help prevent further damage from occurring.

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