How Does Cold Weather Impact My Neuropathy?

When the air gets colder, you may experience more than just chills down your arms and legs. Winter can affect those with chronic pain or neuropathy in a big way, making their daily pain even worse. This blog will discuss ways to help you combat nerve pain this winter.

Cold Weather and Chronic Pain

Those suffering from chronic pain know the struggles of dealing with it during cold weather. As temperatures drop, blood flow slows and causes challenges for individuals that experience nerve pain. Not only does decreased circulation causes an increase in nerve pain, but it is made worse as barometric pressure changes, which puts added pressure on nerves. Be mindful of weather changes because they can make a huge difference in managing chronic pain.

Tips For Combating Nerve Pain and Cold Weather

Cold weather can be daunting for those suffering from neuropathy or other chronic pain, and the following are ways to help combat pain during the winter:


During cold weather, people who suffer from chronic nerve pain may find relief by wearing multiple layers of clothing. Layers assist in trapping heat that your body generates and can also provide a barrier between you and the cold air. By wearing multiple layers, such as thermal underwear, one or two thin sweaters, a coat, and a scarf or hat if needed, you can help increase your body temperature and reduce the severity of chronic nerve pain.

Less Caffeine

Consider reducing your daily intake of caffeine! Caffeine is known for being a stimulant and, contrary to popular opinion, has also been linked with worsening nerve pain symptoms due to its inflammatory properties. By reducing the amount you drink during cold weather, you can better control your nerve pain. Try changing your daily cup of joe or a shot of espresso into something like a warm herbal tea instead, which is naturally caffeine-free and makes for a delicious hot beverage. Making even small changes to lifestyle can go a long way in improving overall mental and physical well-being.


Exercising during cold weather can be an excellent way of targeting chronic nerve pain. Exercise helps keep the body mobile and limber and improves blood flow by increasing circulation. During colder months, when people may feel less active, exercising during this time makes a difference in managing those painful symptoms. Additionally, during colder days, take advantage of sunny days to enjoy a brisk walk or engage in another form of exercise while it is still light.

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