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For those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, the constant sensory problems can be unbearable. Common symptoms include sharp, stabbing, or electric-like sensations, especially in the fingers and toes. Others experience extreme sensitivity to touch, muscle weakness, excessive sweating, or pain that wakes them up at night. While conventional medicine takes a drug-focused approach to treating neuropathy, at Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas, we prefer a non-drug therapy that is effective, safe, and noninvasive.

What Is Electric Cell Signaling Treatment (ECST)?

ECST is used to treat peripheral neuropathy pain and numbness at its source rather than relying on drugs to mask the symptoms. Our Neuropathy Treatment Clinics of Texas teams utilize FDA-approved, physics-based ECST, which sends electronic signal energy waves coming from an ultra-high digital frequency generator to the treatment area. Through this comfortable, noninvasive treatment, pulsed energy waves are applied directly to the treatment area. ECST is intended to be therapy for numerous types of peripheral neuropathy, and it can improve or maintain your range of motion at the same time.

Over time, more doctors are noticing the positive effects of ECST, and its use is more widespread. That’s because patients prefer this noninvasive, comfortable treatment that has minimal side effects. Most patients would say their ECST treatments involve a slight tingling or vibrating feeling but still find their sessions mostly pleasurable. Patients should begin to notice improvements in their pain levels after about 6 to 8 treatments, possibly earlier. You will need multiple treatments for optimal results.

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